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Originally Posted by immaterial View Post
For anyone who reads this, reverse the gender roles. A lightbulb is sure to go off. All of your feelings stem from having been *sexually assaulted*. Yes, men can be sexually assaulted too. Your experience is a case in point. If a female had written the original post, I'm quite sure the replies would be along different lines.

You have some healing from assault trauma to work through. Whatever your feelings are, you have to write them out, honor them, take them seriously. You were the victim of a sexual assault, plain and simple.


I was LITERALLY just about to make this exact response. Just because the gender roles are reversed means nothing, this woman made a blatant attempt to rape you. If you had not been strong enough to get her off of you, or if the gender roles were reversed, this could be a very different thread altogether. Because even if a woman got the man off of her, the entire thread would still be encouraging her to press charges I'm sure.... I guess the important thing is that you got out of the tent... but seriously, whatever you feel about the situation, you are 100% justified in feeling it...
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