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Lightbulb interesting

Well I answerred Magical Brownies (I wanted ever so badly to answer "Male" and "No" but those darn magical brownies wouldn't stop calling my name lol)

This is actually a good topic, it reminds me of a conversation I had with an ex a very long time ago, in which he was trying to convince me that if I loved him, we would be having sex which led me to ask myself "Why do so many people think the only way to 'make love' is to have sex?" I personally think that there are alot more ways to make love then simply sex... but I'm getting off topic

Here's why I don't believe masturbation is sex, sex (in my opinion anyway) involves another person, now if you're masturbating with another person, or masturbating another person then yes, that is sex. But self pleasure is simply that, self pleasure. If I scratch an itch, it feel's pleasurable to get rid of the bad feeling. If I get aroused and... take the measures necessary to calm the impending threat then I'm also simply causing a pleasurable feeling by getting rid of another. To say solo masturbation is sex, at least to me, is the same as saying scratching an itch is sex, or as someone said earlier, putting my finger in my mouth would be giving myself oral.

While it is pleasurable, so is playing videogames... omg playing videogames is sex!!! lol jk

and to respond to an earlier discussion, the difference between orgasm and cumming (or as we say in memphis, "busting a nut" ) is that when you have an orgasm you feel it through your entire body, it's an amazing experience of euphoria and just damn awesome feelings. It's a combination of your body's reaction to the physical sensations along with your mind's reaction to the person you're with, causing your brain to tell your entire body "FEEL GOOD DAMNIT" lol. Where as busting a nut is simply... releasing sperm... or at least that's how i see it... it's almost impossible for me to orgasm solo, unless I have a really deep and sexy fantasy going on in my head... and even then it's still not sex, just really awesome masturbation
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