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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Just wondering if the Os a circed guy gets are so underwhelming, esp when jerking off quickly, he doesnt count it as sex.

I guess then, if one jerked off next to a partner who was also jerking or jilling off, it would be sex?

BTW, I never jill off without a fantasy or 3 in my head. They used to be elaborate made up things, but since I've been dating the last cpl yrs, I usually think of the last time I did have sex w a partner... or the last few times, with this or that person.
I am uncut, exceptionally sensitive and ... well ya I will leave it there tmi...Masturbation isn't sex ...

I can sometimes do it without a fantasy, sometimes it a stiff breeze. Self pleasure is rarely actually erotic for me. Most of the time it is nothing more than a bodily function. I also arouse really easily and it could be that. Who knows.

I wonder if my opinion would change if I had an extended period without sex. I haven't gone 1 month without sex since I was 17...I am not even sure I want to try ahhaa
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