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Default Has Anyone Read "Sex at Dawn"?

And if so, any opinions? I'm intrigued by the central thesis. From the promo materials for the book:

"...human beings evolved in egalitarian groups that shared food, child care, and, often, sexual partners. Weaving together convergent, frequently overlooked evidence from anthropology, archaeology, primatology, anatomy, and psychosexuality, the authors show how far from human nature monogamy really is. Human beings everywhere and in every era have confronted the same familiar, intimate situations in surprisingly different ways. The authors expose the ancient roots of human sexuality while pointing toward a more optimistic future illuminated by our innate capacities for love, cooperation, and generosity."

I do cast a skeptical eye on behavioral science that confuses "human nature" with some sort of imperative. Obviously, we transcend human nature on a daily basis. IMO.

Curious if anyone has read this.

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