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Default Once upon a time . . .

Gradually my husband and I realised that he needed to become 'she' - that was the solution to the problems we'd been experiencing for the past year or so. And that's the path we're embarking on. Part of this new life is me deciding that because I still want a relationship with my partner - albeit non-sexual - and I want to have some fun and see some other guys - I am polyamorous.

I don't want a big one on one romantic relationship - I have been there and done that. With my personal situation and rural location a few 'Friends with Benefits' would work perfectly. I've signed up with Ok Cupid and am chatting online to a few guys and am meeting up with one guy in particular - who lives across the water rather inconveniently - in a couple of months time.

Friendship, open-ness and honesty are paramount - without those there is nothing.
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