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Originally Posted by immaterial View Post
This is a very interesting thread. I wish there were more responses. I really think it is a very odd topic. Where does sex begin? I've known folks who actually believe sucking cock is not sex. Anal penetration by a penis is not sex. Handjobs are not sex. Giving oneself a handjob is not sex. Etc.
I see this too, however usually from younger people. Sex for me is black and white simple. Masturbation is not, with a partner it is. I have gone weekends without intercourse but had lots of sex. intercourse is part of sex, but sex does not require intercourse. In my little world, it is simple.

The rest of your list gets into commitment which is different for every partnership.

Honestly, for me this is simply too, if you do something behind the back of your partner, that is sexual and you know it won't be an approved act, you are cheating. If you are with someone who views masturbation as cheating...then it is cheating. Do I agree, no, but you are in a partnership agreement with someone who is really strict sexually.

ps, you might want to start renegotiating QUICKLY if thats actually the case. :P
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