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Thanks Ariakis

Franklin's work on Xeromag was also useful. I really like the idea idea that time with others is often incorporated with the three of us, especially in the beginning. I was looking at time more often being split away as a twosome and as our relationship is only a couple of years old, we have his kids every other weekend, and he is my favorite person to spend time with, it's been an ongoing problem for me.

Mohegan asked why I'd rather him keep his relationship with W than have someone closer. Time is the main reason. She lives away and so impacts our time less. Anyway I am making a concerted effort to reach out to her so that she will be comfortable enough to come and spend time with us in August (this will save him wanting to go up there until I can have time off work in October). And yes, I'm using the google calendar to make sure things don't fall on "kid weekends".

Oh and Morning Glory if you're reading this I "came out" (with positiveness and even enthusiasm) to my sister yesterday. She was a bit perplexed, she's not in "relationship space" at the moment. She's a ballet mom and would rather sit around watching girls in leotards prance endlessly across sprung floors. Each to their own, but she was interested and accepting, that's the main thing to me.
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