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I was raised United Church of Canada (liberal Christian), but right now I self-describe as "spiritual agnostic" now if pressed (I don't like labelling my spirituality if I can avoid it, since my spirituality is somewhat in flux). I feel a strong need to interact with and celebrate creation and the cosmos in a spiritual way (worship, prayer, etc.), but am not certain if there is a personal deity, afterlife, etc. I am an active UU because there is plenty of room in UU'ism for this kind of belief and I enjoy the ability to explore and question my spirituality. Due to my wife's preferences, I also attend a United Church congregation and participate in a web forum run by that church and I do find that I still have something of an affinity with the more liberal wing of that denomination. I have no idea of how the UCC would view polyamory (probably not positively, although the more liberal churches would likely accept poly families even if they didn't sanction the relationship), but UU'ism actually has an organization for polyamory (which I learned about on these forums).


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