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Unicorn-Karma and I in the stage of talking about things. Even though he does have g/f. I am having a hard time relating to her and it makes our time together uncomfortable. This really bothers me. When My wifes husband left for afgahnistan, she pretty much loved with us while adjusting. I loved the ease of it all. We've never slept together, but are very close and physical in other ways, the same with her and my husband Karma. I loved the ease of all of snuggling together at night. Him coming home to us cooking dinner, or at times still cuddled in bed. We were so at ease and ourselves and it was an amazing time.

I don't have that with his g/f. And I wish I did. I hope you can find it. It's a great feeling. Even if it is just being able to talk. Karma's g/f and I just have long stretches of awkward silence. I hate it.

HM-I so understand!!! I hate the comments. Karma doesn't come off as very appoachable so I end catching it all. "How could you let him do that? Don't you have any respect for yourself?" Telling their SO's "If you do that I'll kill you" It is so frustrating!! We came into this particular V out of an affair, but we had discussed poly several times. I know what goes on in our home and our relationship and no one else. Honestly aside from the 3 of us, my wife is the only one I listen to on this topic as she is so involved with us (we call it an emotional marriage) that she is only looking for the over all health of all involved. Karma doesn't do it to be "cool". We go out together to be out together. I don't understand why people suddenly feel my life is a soap opera for their entertainment. Feeling I am in an unsafe situation and having concern as a friend is one thing, attacking us simply because you can't take the time to step out of your own bubble and see the love the is there is another. Take the time to try to understand before you judge and make comments. It is all really frustrating.
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