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This has been an area of much discussion in our house as well. Much of what you're talking about is already 'normal' around here - Violet has been downrigh pushy in the past about me meeting other girls, even if it's just 'hooking up', and she loves to meet them and set them at ease. Finding one that fits into the relationship in a larger way has been the challenge. As it stands now, that's no longer an issue, but time will tell. Anyway - on topic...

We're now into the 'outside' issues. What the rest of the world thinks and how they act toward us. We all have different takes on this, but it's an issue for all of us.

Myself - meh. How to explain it. When we all go out together, there is this THING. The Hugh Heffner effect. Even my close freinds say "Dude - you're THE MAN. I wish I could be you" kinda stuff. I hate it, because that's not at all what it's about. Frankly, the ego boosting side of the image makes me uncomfortable. I just want to spend time with my girls and enjoy our amazing interconnections.

And making it worse - but in a commical sense - is the people that think Im a pimp and they're working. Or that I'm a customer and they're all paid escorts. Etc. It can be funny, but again - it's annoying.

The girls for the most part get a kick out of it, and even feed into it. They think it's fun to make me look like a stud and they play it up a lot. I appreciate what's behind it, but it really does make me uncomfortable most of the time.

And then there's the odd perceptions and comments and missives directed their way. Moving past the sometimes funny 'working girls' image, once people are aware that we're all together and in a real relationship, they just can't help themselves. People will pull one of us aside and say things that nobody in their right mind would say to a complete stranger or barely aquainted person about their relationship! The nerve of some of these people! The girls hear about how they're being taken advantage of, how wrong this is, how they're being used, and much worse. And the way these people react when the girls argue their side - astounding! Anger more often than you'd think, almost always some form of indignation at the least. Judgement almost without exception.


Why can't people let other people be themselves and be happy? Anyone watching us and simply seeing without questioning can see how happy everyone involved is - you can't possibly miss it, lol. Is that a PROBLEM?
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