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I did the run/walk thing for awhile, but I am not very left brain, AT ALL in fact, and got bored. Now I just run until I get past the out of breath stage by slowing down a bit and jogging, then I get my groove and can go for a long time. I would rather spend my time thinking about other things than times and anything to do with numbers.... boooorrrinnnng

Thanks for the bra info... I think it was a uni-bra Hanes that I bought actually! Mine are about a C too... I still find they bounce a little, but I kind of hold them with the sides of my arms LOL... now I just need something for my phone and ipod, like something all in one with one of those straps for the arms.... I stick everything into my bra.... then I get notes from mono on the way that he hides in a tree for me and I have those to carry.... ahhhh! why do they not make pockets for these things! I see the appeal of a fanny pack! heh.

aussielover, how do you know what my tits look like, are you thinking of ygirl?

thanks just the same, they are rather lovely. At least some think so anyway.
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