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Thanks Morning Glory I like my screenname too :P

Thanks everyone!!! This is really a big step for us that we (or at least my husband) is very hesitant to take. I give him credit though. He took this SOOOOO much better than I thought he would when I broke it to him that I wanted to try this. I do believe he feels a little threatened that this other man is going to steal me away. BUT I'm optimistic that we are working through that. He has even started profiles on a couple dating sites to find a mate for himself. I just wish that he wasn't asking that I not take things further with my other love until he finds someone for himself. It makes me feel like I'm being held hostage. Though I CAN understand why he is asking this of me. He wants things to be equal between us and I think maybe he wants to understand more firsthand where I'm coming from on all of this. It does make it difficult though.

Thanks for all you support everyone

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