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In my OKC profile I actully rant about this for about a paragraph, lol. And I have a link to Violet's profile and encourage people to get to know her or at least inquire with her about our relatioship and our poly ways. IMO, anybody who claims to be poly and in a poly relationship should have no qualms about holding their SO(s) up for theworld to see, ESPECIALLY prospective new partners![/
LR and I have OKC accounts also ( LR put hers on hold till I get back to her side in WA). We both have links to each others profiles and we make sure prospectives get to know each of us.

My issues is that there is just such a small circle of so called poly peeps up here in AK that when anyone new comes on the scene its like sharks circling there prey. Its not really POLY IMO. It seems that the so called poly folk up here just want a FB. I dont get it? Most of the people that claim to be poly are educated and from what Im told know what polyAMORY means. Ive watched it more than a few times ( like everytime) a new peep shows there face in the circle. I swear its like being in high school all over again. Everyone wants to date the new hot girl/guy. ( And by date I mean fuck)

Cant wait to move out of here

" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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