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Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
Violet and I are both 0n FL, she's far more active than I. I have a hard time with the site's structure and don't spend much time there; the other big reason that being listed as Violets Dom I am sick of gettingmessage after message after message from guys asking for various permissions regarding my lovely sub.

Actuallly, small rant - I also see all the messages she gets on OKC and other places - how do you ladies cope with it?! My woes on FL pale in comparison to all the crap she gets from guys on ANY of the social sites, and DEAR GOD is it bad on a lifestyle or dating/hookup site! And do guys really think those messages are going to illicit a positive response?! Even worse - does it work often enough to keep it up?!?! Ugh.
I talk about this often with a close friend of mine. It must work...honestly. Some women, somewhere must be saying ok. There is no way people can be that obvious to keep sending these messages without picking up. It would be like fishing for 1 year and never getting a nibble.
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