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Originally Posted by DazednConfused View Post
Depends, I get the leave a spose if the gender preference isn't right, but taking on additional partners, I just don't know.
By the way you worded that you seem to be dismissing bi-sexuality? Gender isn't "right" is very limiting ...

It's like my whole world just got ripped apart, I only want her happy, but I don't know if I'm the one to be able to do this with her. I don't want to push away from her, and really haven't that much, but part of me thinks I should move into the spare room until I'm certain i can deal. I feel like I somehow need to unlove her to see if I can still love her, problem being I can't shut off how much I do love her.
Honestly, I would think the best thing to do would be for her to slow down with the guy until you are settled. Poly isn't built on a shaky foundation. Once you are ready and understand what its like to open up, then she can begin looking at other relationships.

Thats my take anyways. ...

If only it were that easy to turn off love. Like a valve of love. Well keep reading and posting on here. Its mid day so most people are at work, I am sure more people will come online.
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