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While it started as drunk sex, they have been communicating daily, had lunch, had a cocktail...
Ok, makes sense

Very well said, you're absolutely correct, I just feel like I want to fast forward through it all.

I'm more embarassed of what our friends will think of us, and particularly of me, as a Lesbian, who cant satisfy her wife, so her wife went to a man?
I can't help here to be honest. I know there are others here who will be able to relate and relay their stories. Any story I relay would be from my point of view and I doubt that would help. I have been in a similar situation but as the guy in the equation.

I can pose this though, what do you think of men whose wives decide they want to be with women. Are those men not satisfying their women or are those women craving something their men are absolutely incapable of giving.

Men and women love differently. Period. It isn't better or worse. Just different I unfortunately cannot fulfill my wifes need for women. I am way...way too male for that haha

Thanks for the book suggestions, I need all the help I can get right now.
No prob

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