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Thanks again for your help..sorry I'm too newb to quote correctly.

"Drunk sex isn't poly. Its...well drunk sex. Is she wanting to find someone else to love or be open to having other people to have sex with? (btw you can be both, but if its all about the shag with friends, thats more swinger style)"

While it started as drunk sex, they have been communicating daily, had lunch, had a cocktail...

"Honestly, you should never have offered an open relationship so freely if you couldn't handle it. It sounds like you offered it to be the nice girl, but in reality created a bridge you weren't prepared to cross. "

Very well said, you're absolutely correct, I just feel like I want to fast forward through it all.

I'm more embarassed of what our friends will think of us, and particularly of me, as a Lesbian, who cant satisfy her wife, so her wife went to a man?

Thanks for the book suggestions, I need all the help I can get right now.
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