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Thanks for the relocate and kind words. I'm just so lost. It's such a double egded sword, I want her happy, and I told her to persue it, but I'm not remotely close to happy about it. I don't know if I should, or even can stay and suck it up for her. On the same token, I know shes going through alot, and keep encouraging her to talk to someone besides me or him, but she has so far declined. We communicate extremely well, and she does it with great class in an effort to protect me. She answers my questions minimally, with respect to try not to further hurt me (plus shes getting sick of seeing me hurt) and if I need more info, I ask for it and she accomodates me. The three of us run in very similaiar social circles, and I keep going through all the potentially embarassing furture scenarios in my head.
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