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This is pretty much how I viewed them when they were just sex- before I met my husband and decided he would make a great father... But there is something about being a young woman, not having a parental boundary set and getting into sexual situations of which you are not prepared- no matter how intellectual you are there is an emotional component that isn't there. She was seeking attention from father figures for a reason. When you think about it, this former student is only 18 NOW! She was entertaining sexual relations at a very young age- 14 or 15- why an adult male would think this is ok is beyond me?! ( I am assuming oral since she said she just had intercourse last week) A teen girl is discovering who she is and has no capability of knowing what she wants and needs because she has no experience yet. At that age, it is all about attention, rebellious behaviors and pushing the envelope of adventure. Rock on- I hope my kids have many adventures before they settle down. I just don't want any creepers swooping in and creating shame and heartbreak before they get out of the gate!

I am a sucker for romance- and there is something very sweet about young love between teens that is powerful and sticks with you for a lifetime. BUT that is between kids exploring and discovering together. As far as that former teacher who got caught up with this girl in some kind of sexual situation- it is predatory and taking advantage of an impressionable mind. No matter how beautiful, educated and precocious she is...the girl is a teen.

Immaterial- I am so glad that there is actually a dread feeling of "This is wrong" and you immediately felt it; I was beginning to wonder about teachers these days. I work in an environment where there are alot of young people- teens and young adults. Yes, there are lovely, hormone driven bodies everywhere and some more noticeable than others- but I look at them with no interest in conquesting because where is the connection, the challenge. Even the cliche interest in being The Tutor is kind of selfish isn't it? Maybe I am coming from a different perspective... I am a woman. Maybe it is some innate, motherly instinct.
What do the boys think?

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