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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
There are a ton of them out there. But I've found I personaly tend to dwell on the problems it causes when I'm a part of one, instead of fighting it. Unfortunatly it's been really bad the last few years and I'm not adjusting well to it at all. I was on hormone therepy for some other medical issues and gained 100 pounds in 6 months. I used to be a ballet dancer (had to quit due to injury and the fibro). It's been 6 yrs and I'm still fighting to get rid of it. It's hard because when I'm feeling good I push really hard and then pay for it later. There are times I just want my old body back so bad I just get really down.
Thats exactly what pengrah does. She feels good, puts all into the day or two and then hurts for an extended period.

To be honest, she wouldn't fair well in a fibro group. She tends to dwell on all aches and pains and if she saw other peoples problems, it might cause her stress. As it is she is yogaing quite a bit and walking. One of her most difficult tasks is seperating day to day pain from fibro pain from good pain. She has a really difficult time and breaks down for any ache. Even though they may be "good" pain.
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