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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Good go this world needs a fibro support group. Its unbelievable how the trends and mistakes are ooooo so similar
There are a ton of them out there. But I've found I personaly tend to dwell on the problems it causes when I'm a part of one, instead of fighting it. Unfortunatly it's been really bad the last few years and I'm not adjusting well to it at all. I was on hormone therepy for some other medical issues and gained 100 pounds in 6 months. I used to be a ballet dancer (had to quit due to injury and the fibro). It's been 6 yrs and I'm still fighting to get rid of it. It's hard because when I'm feeling good I push really hard and then pay for it later. There are times I just want my old body back so bad I just get really down.

I love you honey, and what you said means a lot. I just feel like I'm making it harder for you. And I'm not losing weight anywhere near as quickly as I want and I just get so damn frustrated with it all. You know how well I do with not being able to attack a problem. Thanks for being there babe.
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