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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Hi every one ..want to do a little self analysis?

Lots of love for everyone, Mono.
Nice idea!

Are you looking for a specific structure such as Quad, triad or V.

No, I never have been. I am just looking for the freedom to love those who I love, and allow that to naturally find its space and build it's own path. Using the descriptions I see others use here, I am the middle point in a V at the moment, with an secondary, more causal, partner as well. I would love my V to be a triad (a new feeling for me!). The V has potential for being an M, or a longer string. I don't normally use these labels, as in my circle (which is what I call it normally) there is a fair bit of overlap, in that we are all family, all hang out together and also indulge in some lower level intimate stuff together sometimes ;-)

Are you looking for numerous secondaries without a desire for forming a life long primary relationship?


Are you looking for polyfidelity in a family integrated level relationship within a specific structure?

No I am looking for us all to be allowed to naturally form any loving relationships we are lucky enough to come across.

Do you want to be a secondary to others?

That is find with me buit I don't seek it. I tend not to use primary/secondary labels as I hate hierarchies and also do not live with any of my partners. If I did I would probably consider whoever lived with me a primary. In this circumstance right now, the only way to describe it would be that I have two primaries (but I suspect this makes a mockery of the language!)

These are all questions that have answers that may evolve as we change as individuals but what about your expectations today?

For me, I am 17 years in now, and my intention has always been the same and I am openminded about structure and try not to set myself any rules apart from the obvious ones about integrity, honesty,compassion, etc - I think all relationships are unique and want to leave room for that. How I practice polyamoury however, has changed a lot over the years and I am loving the more family like structure I have had in recent years, compared to my 'very separate relationships' model of the past.

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