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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
So is a brat someone who does things that are "naughty" with the intent of getting punished?
Some define brat that way.. or some call it "s.a.m."... smart assed masochist.
And some say that there are "degrees of brattiness".. up to and including downright disobedience.
However, I say that once they cross the line from "fun-loving, playful or entertaining high-spiritedness" (aimed at getting them some "funishment") into true disobedience, they've gone away from being a brat, and now they need to be dismissed, either short or long term.
I abhor disobedience, and behaviors designed to incite my anger.. but I love my wife/sub, and she's certainly a bit of a brat.. the difference is, when it comes down to it, when it is important, she obeys instantly.. or you could say when it counts, I have no doubt about her obedience.
The defining line I draw is whether it's fun for both parties or not, in the end. Brats can be fun. Disobedient subs/slaves are not.
Tala never does things with the intent of "getting punished".. because punishment, by definition, is not fun, and it has nothing to do with her favorite flogger or wheel, but a lot to do with feeling really, really shitty inside. In three years, she has been truly punished once.. it lasted fifteen minutes, she hated every second, she's never forgotten it, and she's never done it again. She's never stopped being my favorite bratling, though.
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