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When I have an OKC account (pulled the last one off a few months back and haven't put up a new one yet), I direct anybody who seems interested to go chat with my wife. That's an extension of my decision to have anybody I meet in meatspace to go chat with my wife early on.
Ding ding ding! Winner!

The reay crappy thing about this phenomenon (cheaters/swingers posing as poly, and everywhere, not just online) is that it rubs off the wrong way 'round; now when I talk about poly, people who've run into this crap (whether they're poly or not) have negative views of the whole concept. PISSES ME OFF.

In my OKC profile I actully rant about this for about a paragraph, lol. And I have a link to Violet's profile and encourage people to get to know her or at least inquire with her about our relatioship and our poly ways. IMO, anybody who claims to be poly and in a poly relationship should have no qualms about holding their SO(s) up for theworld to see, ESPECIALLY prospective new partners!
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