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Default Rediscovering Polyamory

I'm extremely pleased to be here. I'm a married, 27 year old bisexual female living in Wasilla, Alaska, and I'd say I'm somewhat new to the concept of conscious, conscientious polyamory, though I'm no stranger to it in practice. I'm just not sure I realized that it was something that I could choose to do rather than just fall into. Funny how these things go, isn't it?

My story's pretty long, and I'll save it for the Personal Summaries thread, but the impetus for being here is that the last week or so has been a whirlwind of love and openness with my husband of two years, as I tentatively broached the subject of Polyamory and he declared himself not only supportive of my nature but cautiously interested in learning more himself. He hadn't really dated before we met, and I was shocked (in a good way) to hear him admit that he would be interested in the possibility of exploring relationships with other women.

Since I had entered into this relationship with a mono contract, I never considered the possibility that my relationship with my husband could be done in a poly context, and so this is all very new to me. I have a lot of feelings to sort out, and of course he and I have much to discuss. I am intensely committed to my relationship with my husband, and we are both very happy with the growth and ever-improving communication that our partnership is yielding. We are planning for children in a year or so, and I think it's a real blessing that this conversation came up sooner rather than later.

While we don't have any plans to jump into this without thinking, I will certainly be open to what comes my way. I have sorely missed having a close female companion in my life for six or seven years, and I have a very close male friend whom I hold a deep and abiding love for. My husband has known these things for a while but I somehow felt my discussions with him were lacking something, despite my best efforts to explain myself, but our recent discussions have really put these things into context for him, and for that I am extremely happy.

Again, I am very happy to be here, and to share and learn along this journey.
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