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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Are you open poly or the poly-fi sort of person? (this is a biggy, so be honest and up front right away)
So, why is identifying what poly means to you important? Some people have found poly through the love of one additional person. The multiple nature of this relationship is specific to include an individual and not out of pursuing a “way of loving”. This is a much more stable and adaptive situation for a mono in my opinion. Yes, they will be sharing their partner with another or perhaps established others, but they have a sense of calm and stability that monos crave like a single scoop of vanilla icecream!
In an open relationship (Poly with a chance of more balls….there’s a book and movie out..ohhh wait now, that’s not the bad) the constant thought of when and who will be entering your life, and therefore their life, will be a damaging drain on most monos.
Hey, Mono. Thanks for this, both funny and thoughtful. I'm constantly enjoying this site, to come across very useful tidbits. The reminder of the different approaches between mono and poly-fi and open poly is a good one in thinking through my current situation, understanding some of the emotions here.
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