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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I think that's awesome Claire! I applaud you for trying. Cutting and pasting every time means minimal energy expended I think.

I find most people aren't interested in going to meetings however. Personally I would leave that out and give them links I like instead, but whatever works for you really. Keep at it, save the cheaters, one at a time... haha!

I doubt they'll come to the meetings, either. I decided to not include this link, because I want them to work at finding this place. I don't want it clogged with the Internet version of Ugly Tourists. There are some links like Franklin's poly FAQ that I could use.. Good idea...Thank you!

The first message surprised me, and I jotted that out in a couple minutes. Then ran it through the "Did I insult or offend him" filter, and hit send. C&P is makes it an easy response. I am not interested in them. Maybe they (Mr. Cheater & wife) can make the jump to poly.
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