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We have talked this thing out so much that our ears hurt! But in our relationship we agree that we will both be a acting partner in the new relationship. We're both jealous and we both know this is the only way we can have another partner.

Now, I realize that this isn't the way alot of folks are and that's fine by me! It's just the way we are.

But I would not want to be in a relationship with his x, and if he really wanted to be there might be a problem there. I don't know, I haven't faced it. I just know that I wouldn't like it and that's all I can be 100% certain of right now since I haven't had to deal with it.

And I agree that x's are usually x's for a reason.

But I can also understand how you, orig. blogger, could have feelings for your x. You had a relationship and it ended without everything being resolved. So I see this from your point of view also and am not saying you shouldn't have feelings for your x, as I would not presume to tell you who you should and shouldn't date!

I hope that you understand all I was trying to get across is that I can understand why being in a triad with your x didn't sit well with your current girlfriend. I read the blog when you wrote it and hoped for the best for you though..........Maybe your GF will have a change of heart?
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