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Originally Posted by jennjuice View Post
I'm not surprised. It's typically hard for a woman to deal with a guy that still has feelings for his x. Not that you did anything wrong here, you can't help who you care about. But on your current GF's side of this, I understand.

My husband and I are dating a girl, but I wouldn't even consider dating his x. Maybe that's just closed minded of me, but she doesn't do it for me at all. Not to mention the jealous factor of their past........
What if he wanted to date her again. Would you be okay with that. It doesn't always have to be that you are a triad, or does it?

I think anyone would have somewhat of a hard time with their partner dating an ex. Not just women. There are several threads in recent history and in the past that indicate its not a gender thing.

Even if someone doesn't have a problem with it, there is likely to be speculation as to why you would want to. Ex's are usually ex's for a reason.
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