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Originally Posted by Nyx View Post
It's like transforming my entire value system! And I'm gonna do it, because the current one is f**ked.
In reading this, I'm reminded of a bit of wisdom from a participant in this forum from some time back, Padma..., who encouraged people here to be friendly toward themselves in whatever they were feeling, even as they are undergoing changes in those attitudes. Padma became a very close friend, though we've never actually met, face to face. We "talk" frequently, online. He lives in England, and I in "The States". He's planning to come visit with me next summer, or so!

Please be tender and loving toward yourself as you inquire into and question your most familiar attitudes and beliefs. You are not REQUIRED to change. In any case, we bring the best love to others when we bring it to ourselves. Do that, changes or otherwise. Love yourself -- that you may then love others. However you do that.
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