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Default surviving a long distance relationship

A little back ground. A man who I have been in love with for 15 years in now back in my life. Before now we never had a relationship just a couple 3 somes my Husband had set up over 9 years ago. This weekend with lots of fear I told him how I felt. He was vary open to my love and while he does not love me the same way in return, he does feel deeply for me. We rekindled a physical relationship and on Monday he went home 8 hours away.

Now here's my problem. He does not need me mooning over him daily. I am not a teenager I should be strong in knowing he does care for me and not need the constant reassurance. Its sounds good but he has been gone for less then 24 hours and I just want to call and talk to him so bad. He told me I can call him anytime. He has not put a limit on it. This is me trying to give him space so he can think about a lot of stuff that we talked about. He is also looking to move (down in his town). He really does not need me calling all the time.

Its not like I am alone. I have a amazing husband who is vary OK with this, almost more then I am. I am still after 15 years asking my self how this happened and why I can not be like so many others and be happy with just my husband.

Anyways, how do some of you guys handle long distance relationships? How do you handle not being able to reassure your self everything is ok?
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