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Default How do you tell others?

I realize that many relationships on here are different than the kind that my husband, myself, and our girlfriend have. So, with that in mind please advise the best way you can! Thanks!

My husband and I have a girlfriend. Things are getting serious and we're looking into the future and some questions are coming up.

What do you say to family members about your girlfriend becoming a permenant part of your family?

I, the female, have full custody of my child who is 15. The x sees him about once a year and I don't think he'd kick up to much trouble over it anyway, but could this cause problems for me in regards to keeping custody of my son? How would I explaine to the Judge that our girlfriend lives with us?

I know those questions are loaded. Any advice would be helpful though as these are things that we are starting to look at and wonder how they would unfold.
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