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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Wow! You have a need to worry about air quality! I can't imagine! We live in a small city on the west coast of Canada. No need to worry as the air quality it is perfect always. Its the rain that some object to. I'm out in it regardless. Although I'm not a big fan of getting my glasses wet and being unable to see.

I've never been to a gym. Hard to believe in this day and age! I was hoping a friend would take me this winter but we both got too busy. My husband could take me but child care is the issue. I continue to be a *gym virgin*.

I bought a cheap bra yesterday and tried it out. It worked okay. I think I should invest as I go along though.

Good for you sunshine! That's a big deal! I lost 52 lbs but if I lost too much more I would be too small. Muscles, stamina, feeling good is the goal now. I'm not to interested in being smaller. I like that I have something to hold on to.
i had never either till September last yr. Now I love it. I lost most of my boobs but still got plenty to hold on too.
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