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Originally Posted by Karma View Post
Am I the only poly guy that isn't really that interested in having a threesome involving both SOs? <snip>
Am I odd?
Nah, I think that's a pretty healthy attitude actually.

You're not closed to the possibility, but it'd have to be something all 3 wanted and it doesn't bother you if it never happened.

I completely relate to that, although we had a day out in London all together a bit since (go see Stomp if you are in town) and I ached to cuddle both of my girls, and of course you can't cuddle one and leave the other alone - But they ganged up on me and said no, that's not how it is.

Fair enough I guess, they are just not that close (. . yet . . ).

One thing I will say having read a thread on here is that three in a bed with 2 making out and the third being ignored would be horrible.
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