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I wrote this one the other night after a party one I got bombarded by people assuming they knew all there was to know about our life. I really got sick of being the center of everyones conversation and it only seems to happen when the three of us go out together. What gets me the most is the pitty. Why do I need you to feel sorry for me? I'm able to let my husband be himself and he does the same for me. Seems to me we're a lot better off than most.

Need you to Stay

Iím no longer concerned
With what is wrong or right
I only care to find
What will let me sleep at night
I am not a clown
Here to entertain you
I am not an actress
Playing lies as they do
This is me, all there is
Sorry if you donít like it
I lack the ability
To give a shit
No longer have the time
To live by your rules
Iíve found what makes me happy
And it is mine to lose
Iíll smile if I want to
And cry if I feel the need
Your opinion no longer hurts
I wonít let my heart bleed
Weíre all entitled
To our own thoughts
But not to dictate
What I should not
Donít change who you are
Simply for me
Say what you need to
But donít expect me to agree
Life is what you make it
And Iíll make my own way
If thatís beyond your limits
I donít need you to stay
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