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So I haven't shared my poetry with anyone but Karma in a looooong time, but I just started writing again and decided to throw it out there. The end doesn't quite flow right but it'll get there.

Midknight Comes to Call

Midnight comes to call
With the shrill scream of the raven
The talons of the fog
Wrap around the maiden
She walks alone under the sky
With no one to protect her
She walks alone under the moon
With no one to forget her
He’ll ride in eventually
A warrior upon his steed
And she’ll go running to his arms
No wish to hide her need
He’s been gone so long this time
She almost walked away
Something deep inside her
Told her soul to stay
A warriors path is full of trials
Sometimes his soul gets lost
It’s the beat of his maidens heart
That brings him back at any cost
His scent, it travels in the breeze
His return has began
It is almost reckoning time
For Midknight and his Mohegan
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