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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Maybe I am separating the term for my own use. But personally I can cum...which is like peeing. It happens, I am dont, "take it and go"...

I orgasm and its a totally different effect and use. Its not just a functional release of "something"...its an experience

For me they feel and react totally differently in my body.
Maybe it is partially a definition thing and maybe a gender thing. Perhaps cumming and orgasm are different for men then for women. Anyone else wish to weigh in on the subject?

Although thinking about your answer, still doesn't change my reasoning...which perhaps I wasn't clear on. If Sex was the name of a book with all of the different acts as chapters, Masturbation would be a chapter, no matter the reason or feeling associated with the act. Functionally, it is sex.

Now if you wanted to separate sex into the idea of sex and fucking as two totally different things, then there would probably be a reassignment of chapters or at least what is included in those chapters.

Sorry if this seems meandering, my mind is not all there.
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