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I am vary vary happy today. Does he love me as I love him, no. But he told me I am one of his best friends in life. Our relationship is open ended on his end. All I have asked him is if has sex with someone to please tell me so we could take precaution from there. At this time he will be a part of our lives. I can not really call him a boy friend, may be a friend with benefits.
I am just so happy he is a part of our lives. I feel so much better letting him know how I feel.

The really hard part is he is 8 hours away. We live in a really hot area and he is NOT a fan of hot weather. My only hope to see him is a handful of times a year. I do not feel right about calling all the time. Its more then I had before so I have to be happy with it.
A new love is vary shiny, but with a regular polish a old one shines just as bright.
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