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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Don’t assume that the mono will understand your approach to poly. Explain it to them…slowly, like your talking to some one in a foreign country who will ultimately wonder what is wrong with you. Speed it up damn it! You’re English is still English!
OMG this is so true! I love this line.

Dating a mono is like dating someone of a certain astrological sign that you aren't used to. If you are used to dating a Leo man, then swtiching it up and dating a Cancer man is a VERY different experience... one can be stern, possessive, likes to show you off around town and buy you expensive dinners and is quick to roar and the other is emotionally fluid, likes to cave in the house in his pj's and play on-line games and make up witty jokes. Very different.

Mono folks are lovable in their own right, but a whole other ball game...
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