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Blunt can be good and needed at times. When thinking about the idea of a one-sided sexual relationship, or even just one time together, I am reminded of a Bonnie Raitt song, I can't make you love me. If he was being completely honest with me about his feelings and not just trying to "protect" one or both of us, then this song would be exactly what it would be like and I feel that I could move on afterwards, stop the fight, and on my end, I would have no problem remaining his friend.

But I really doubt he would choose to go through with it because he wouldn't want to hurt me any more than he has, which is comendable on his part and I appreciate that he is thinking of my feelings so much.

I have a bunch of questions to put to him and to get answers for, but until those come, I will have to wait patiently and just continue on. I have a wonderful husband, who took the day off to help me and make me feel safe and secure again. Now I only have to deal with the pain and a possibly nosy mother...but we shall see.

I will keep all updated though... Part of me still thinks that it's completely over and we shall always remain simply best friends. But there is still that dreamer (pipe dream perhaps) that thinks he's just hiding his true feelings for now until he feels safer to express them. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
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