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Nothing for you to be ashamed of here, quite the opposite actually.

Crazy people will be crazy. You can't help that fact of life. This woman was convinced you were going to sleep with her, and was willing to ignore everything you had repeatedly told her to make it happen, when it was clearly against your wishes and desires. This shows a completel lack of respect for you and your SO in my mind, and the fact that she tried to manipulate you after you dumped so much energy and emotion into doing something like a stage show tells me that this person really has no scruples to speak of.

You, on the other hand, thought everything through from the point at which you met this woman face to face, made a responsible decision about her, and stuck to both your decision and you and your SOs rules, even in a moment when you were not at your 100% best. Well done, sir. (Umm.. I think you're a 'sir', anyway ).

Seriously, you should treat yourself to a good thick steak and an expensive beer, simply for dealing with this mess the way you did.
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