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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
You'd be a scrapper I think derby!

Mono is a waiter. He waits while I tie him up good and tight so he can't get out and then I inflict pain and verbal abuse. I don't have the physical presence to physically take a sub down, but I do have a wicked tongue and don't put up with shit. My barking out demands seems to do the trick.

Haha, this conversation is making me very happy. what on earth will we talk about around the campfire in August Ari?! We'll be all silent probably, having talked it all out on here! :P
I am sure we can find someone to practi....I mean talk about There is more to me than just poly and bondage practices. ...we will actually get to meet the "other" parts of ourselves

oh and for those who are really into rigging and roping it up, there is the houdini factor. I love subs that make it their goal to bust out of tie ups.

I have to say I miss it, Pengrah and I arent as into it with each other as we could be. I have had someone offer to sub for me...unfortunately it would be non sexual as I am not attracted to her. I tend to like to mix my games as it were
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