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Its taken me years to grow into what makes me tick. I prefer subs to be confident, attentive and intellegent. They need to be able to be independant, yet attentive to my whim. Always an eye on their mistress to see what she requires. Always doing what they are told.

You can have the brats Ari, I don't need any more children. Although at one point I understood that appeal. Now the punishment I give out is for physcological reasons, rather than bad behaviour, although I would give out some disapline for that too if need be.

I love that I protect Mono at events from other dominants and from women who are looking for a master. Really I do this in all aspects of his life, including buying him a ring to wear on his wedding ring finger so as to deter women from hitting on him. He takes much comfort in my protection and I take much pleasure in protecting him. At home he is free to be in his domain and free to decide, as long as it pleases me that is. Quite often I will tell him what I require and he is eager to please. He is not so eager when its about something other than sexual though... But then we don't live a 24/7 lifestyle.

Nerdist used to listen to me but doesn't listen to anything anymore. He is very independant and it is the cause of many of our fights. We fight a lot. His sunmissive nature is what drew me to him in the first place and that is gone now. Except when he needs me to be dominant. Then I am in my element and that is when we are at our best as far as I am concerned. He would disagree. He thinks that is his worst. What do I do with that? When I am at my best he is at his worst. Its a been a hard yien around for me to let him go and sometimes just do my own thing. What drives me crazy is that he will do things roly thinks are right because she has said them, after I have said the same thing for years.... I'm going off on a tanggent, sorry.

I am glad I have found a relationship with Mono in the way I have because I doubt nerdist and I would be together still if I didn't have and out let sometimes with him.

@my lovely derby- you and I have not brooched this topic at all. I find it facinating that you are interested and discovering for yourself if it means anything. You know you can always ask me anything, if I don't know the answer or it warrants research for yourself then I will help out. I like what we have talked about so far in terms of pictures you want to take and what you have discovered. That is a good place to start.

Your dream is interesting. I wonder if it is to do with the topic or about control in your life? There has been some craziness this spring for you. Lots of things going on beyond your control, maybe it relates to that in part, along with your new found facination with BDSM?
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