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Cool Women's Perspective - Questions

Hi Mellesy;
I 2 am new at this, early 50s Guy, old fashioned, long separated, straight, very gay tolerant (my best friend is Gay guy in 20 yr monog. relationship), did research - found out there even is such a thing as Poly.
My questions from women's perspective:
I wonder how does a serious, curious man avoid being thought of as just another "creepy, misogynistic, drooling, voyeristic creep", trolling for a sexual 3-some, when exploring a possible serious relationship fit?
Since I am straight, I would explore a 2 woman - one man relationship, like yours. I am interested in your thoughts of how a relationship might develop &/or be perceived from the women's perspective.

In past, at a week's business conference, I met a very interesting sharp & quite attractive ("tomboy" not "butch") lady, whom I knew was gay, but would have been attracted to as a neat friend. She was a humerous, super-fit, professional career woman, who liked outdoors, boats, target shooting, woodwork, vintage cars & was a more skilled fisherman than me (which I wanted to learn). After friendship & trust developed through some semi-business afterhours get togethers, she allowed she was gay & showed me photos of her beautiful partner. I wondered how one would approach, but did not act on my thoughts, becuase of my relationship at the time, the business relationship & our geographical home distances. I still fantisize how that would have worked. A lady Pal & a lady Lover - all three as close caring friends.

If one female partner is bi-sexual, I assume the dynamics of the poly would have played out as a hetrosexual, lesbian & asexual friendship.(I was also somewhat physically attracted to the lesbian gal, but expect that would likely turn her off, so could live with just a pal there.
Wow crazy eh? Thank god for net anonymity.

What do you think?
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