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Originally Posted by sage View Post
This is not a glib question it is totally genuine. Most mono couples find it hard to find quality time for one relationship on top of work and family commitments. I am really interested in how you polys manage multiple relationships?
Google Calendar ...(poly humour there btw)

Honestly I think its about ensuring the time you DO spend is quality. Couples if they actually look at the time they spend together quickly realize a lot of it is fluff. It really holds little meaning and actually dilutes the time they do have. Instead of having great times all the time, you just have time together.

Managing time and having time apart, can make the time you do spend more enriching. Better quality and less filler talk. At least thats what I found when we were dating. I would have date, she would have a date, all three of us would have a date...then it would be my wife and I and we found we missed each other and it became quality time.
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