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Default Hey Everyone!!

Hey everyone.. I'm new to poly, but very interested in learning more. I read about poly from a blog awhile ago and as I was reading I had an "aha" moment.. where I realized that it put a definition on the way I had been thinking and feeling for a few yrs. Since then I've read some more, learned some more, and found that I have never met anyone who is poly before. I'm very much an introvert so I don't meet many new people.. so I decided to find a place to learn and meet some like-minded people without leaving my house.

A little about me: I'm 27.. a bisexual female (though I haven't had many same-sex encounters/relationships as of yet).. I have never wanted to get married and don't want children (which I have found bothers A LOT of people).. I'm quite possibly a crazy cat lady in training and consider my two cats "my children".. I love astrology, tarot, and vampires.. and often ask new people I meet their birthday info within the first few "getting to know you" questions.. also the quickest way to bore me is to talk about sports (unless you did/do something that doesn't involve teams).

Well, this is kind of long.. so I hope to enjoy my time here and maybe meet some interesting people.
"No matter how much in Love with a person you are, whether it's your Lover or your child, you need to maintain your freedom. You can't possess anyone. You Love them without trying to change them, and if you do succeed in changing someone, you will probably fall out of Love with them anyway." ~Monica Bellucci
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