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Originally Posted by JRiverMartin View Post
That said, not all people claiming to be "polyamorous" are capable of loving two or more people, fully, at the same time. So you have to find out whether you think your partner is one of those, and can do that with you.

Be strong. Don't let other people's ignorance dictate your options in life. It's YOUR life, afer all, which you must live.
Great words, JRM.

If I listened to many of my mono friends I wouldn't be in the incredibly loving relationship I have with Redpepper. How sad would it be if I let others decide how and who I love. That doesn't mean it isn't costing me a few friendships, but my own life is worth it

Definitely figure out his heart and intentions before opening up more within yourself and with others. Take a deep look into your own heart as well.
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