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Originally Posted by eternalsoul View Post
Thanks, that was only mildly offensive. My communication skills are pretty great actually, but I guess me wanting to spare my girlfriend's feelings and risk doing harm to my relationship of three years is just retarded because I mean, being in a relationship for three years obviously means that I should just flat out tell my girlfriend that I want to bring a man into our relationship and shift the whole dynamic. It's not like it's a life changing decision or anything considering I am not just looking to date around--I'm looking for a family down the road.

Well, I guess I didn't make it clear enough but yea, I guess my girlfriend and I have some problems creating a baby. Probably mostly because we only produce the XX chromosomes. We only produce eggs. We are both female. We are a lesbian couple.

Our relationship is perfect how it is right now and I know she's happy with it. Although I want to share this relationship with someone else for more support, more affection, more intense sex, and because I personally feel it's best for a child to have more than one or two parents, doesn't mean that she feels the same way and I'm afraid that bringing it up could possibly cause issues that and I'm honestly a little scared to rock the boat in such a great relationship.

But thanks. I appologize if I sound a little annoyed, but yea, it's a little offensive for you to accuse anyone of--even after being in a relationship or married for twenty years--of being able to bring up the subject of bringing a stranger into your relationship.

That's only kind of a big deal.

I said that our past sexual relationships with others has just been sex. Obviously. That's kind of how threesomes start and end. So I don't understand what you mean, but alright.

I think it's kind of silly but ah well good night.
One limit of bulletin boards is that it is hard to see sarcasm without a smiley. (okay, any hint... that this was sarcastic) I hope the first paragraph was sarcastic.

The biggest blunders in my life have been times when I thought I was communicating- and found out I wasn't. OR when I thought I was understanding, but I wasn't. Most people think they are great communicators. Have you ever met anyone who admitted they were a poor communicator? or even an average communicator?

Poly challenges each person to be a better communicator: on every level, in every relationship.

I, too, did not see anything in the original post that would make me think "lesbian couple." True, it's not fair that we default to the more common MF couple when reading a new member's post. Life isn't fair.
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