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Originally Posted by distraughtinNJ View Post
Hi, I have been in a relationship with a wonderful man for a while now. He says he is poly. I am bitter and angry over it. I do not like his wife and I can't come to terms with this situation. How does a monogamous person fit into this? I really love this man.
I don't feel like I have enough details to really understand your situation well enough to offer suggestions. "A while now" is too vague. You love him but really don't like his wife, which makes me really wonder what's going on there, but provides me nothing much to go on. You say you "can't come to terms with the situation," but aren't clear about WHY you can't. I think most of us reading this will want to know a good deal more detail about your situation before offering suggestions. What, in specifics and details, is troubling you? Do you want him to leave his wife and live monogamously with you? Is his wife aware of your relationship? Are you friends or lovers with this man? We don't know, yet.
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