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Although Katails blog in the "life stories and blogs" section is a good one and well worth a read, I suggest that you do a search (in the search engine on the blue tool bar above) for mono/poly, mono poly, mono, any combination of such, as there are a lot of other options that are much more about the process of it working... Katails blog is about it not working all that well and I fear you will think this to be the case also.. not true, we are getting along just fine and dandy with our lives and loves.... a few boundaries set up, a whole lot of patience and time and we are doing well! You could too perhaps?

I'm not sure I understand why, just because he has discovered he is mono, that now you have to be.... Why can you not continue with the secondaries you have found, put a cap on it at them for now and see where it goes... there is no rush is there in making this all work? You have made an effort with the two men you have chosen as secondaries, your husband has been fine so far, why not continue on and your husband not date anyone again....
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